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Monuments in Nature: A Creative Co-existence

The Mο.Na Project, implemented within the framework of INTERREG V - Balkan -Mediterranean 2014-2020, is co-funded by the European Union (ERDF and IPA II) and by National Funds of participating countries. The Project aims to record, analyse, assess and contribute towards the protection and promotion of natural resources and cultural heritage across the Balkan-Mediterranean territory. Its main goal is to enhance integrated planning and common management strategies in areas of high environmental interest and preservation value (Natura 2000, Ramsar areas etc.), where sites of high cultural importance also exist (UNESCO protected areas, etc.). 

Μο.Νa is a multilateral cooperation project that effectively enhances cooperation among regions in the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Participants from four locations (Nessebar, Butrint, Santorini, Paphos Forest) are organisations of high natural and cultural interest that can significantly contribute to the valorisation and management of environmental and cultural marine and land heritage and its interaction with the human factor.

During the implementation period, a wide range of activities will be undertaken by all partners, the focus being environmental protection and enhancement of its particular features. Protection of the cultural heritage preserved at sites of unusual environmental interest, distribution of all information generated and promotion of scientific knowledge will be main priorities, as well as contributing to efficient natural and cultural heritage management and sustainability across Balkan-Mediterranean Transnational territories.

An interesting and innovative aspect of the MoNa Project is the proposal for a certification system titled “Brand for the promotion and protection of the natural and cultural environment”. The system will be developed as an assessment management tool with practices and experience on environmental and cultural conservation issues to be implemented in regions of high natural and cultural significance. The challenge of the assessment methodology proposed will be to facilitate the support and sustainable management of locations with important natural and cultural features by adjusting this common model to economic, social, environmental and climate changes.

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