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  • 4 Technical Meetings - Workshops in:
    • Butrint (Workshop: “The changing interaction in the balance between the human factor, cultural heritage and environment in accordance to the climate change – the case of Butrint, Albania”)
    • Old Town of Nessebar (Workshop: “ The sustainable use and creative co-existence between natural and cultural heritage: the experience of Nessebar”)
    • Paphos Forest (Workshop: “Initiatives for natural and cultural management and protection - The Kykkos Forest as an exemplary model”)
    • Santorini (Workshop: “A creative dialogue for managing the visitor’s capacity and evaluation of the carrying capacity of sites which consist major tourism destinations. The case of Santorini”).
  • Storytelling Activities:
    A special short story addressed to teenagers will be published, in an effort to raise youth awareness of environmental and cultural heritage. The story will be illustrated with relevant material (educational, literary and digital) from the four project sites;
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • International Conference:
    “Monuments in Nature-A creative co-existence” to be held in Athens.
  • Global Edition:
    A book containing all documentation, site maps, itineraries proposed and photos of the four project sites, to be offered free of charge; The Edition
  • Habitat Mapping:
    for the promotion of biodiversity conservation in Nessebar, Butrint, Santorini (3 studies). In three case study areas (costal zones in Greece, Albania, and Bulgaria), the HCMR (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research) team will provide insights concerning the presence and distribution of sublittoral coastal habitats to help enhance associated biodiversity.
  • “Mo.Na" Story Maps
    Within the Mo.Na Project HCMR aimed to contribute to the mapping and ecological assessment of crucial marine habitats in the three pilot study areas - unique amalgams of cultural and natural wealth.
  • Forum:
    “Ecumenical initiative for the protection of environment and culture” to be co-organized by the Patriarchate and EKBMM.   Forum Proceedings
  • Brand:
    for the promotion and protection of the natural and cultural environment.
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