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The specific objective of Mo.Na Project is to contribute to the preservation and valorisation of natural and cultural heritage and to strengthen the capacities of local actors for developing an ecosystem-based approach. Mo.Na aims to develop a network of competent bodies from the Mediterranean and the Balkans that will undertake initiatives such as the following:

  • To promote the need for integrated management of regions of exceptional cultural–environmental interest (protected by both UNESCO, Natura 2000, etc);
  • To determine necessary policies and tools to halt landscape alteration and provide joint protection based on environmental and cultural criteria;
  • To examine case studies for 4 pilot regions (Butrint in Albania, Nessebar in Bulgaria, Santorini caldera in Greece and Paphos Forest in Cyprus) impacted by the human factor regarding climate change or local/multi-level pressures and to promote good practices, capitalise on conclusions drawn, etc.;
  • To jointly address land and the marine zones through a study of the protected regions (habitat mapping) based on common criteria;
  • To develop actions to protect endangered species;
  • To assist local communities in becoming clear that they have the potential and can contribute to regional and community development.
  • To inform and raise awareness of local, national, and international communities aiming at different (from a thematic and age point of view) target groups in a distinctive manner;
  • To strengthen links between archaeological, cultural, and nature   tourism;

To develop a new management model and a common tool for the promotion and protection of cultural and natural resources, titled “Brand for the promotion and protection of the natural and cultural environment”, which shall be one of the main ‘results’ of the MoNa Project.          

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